The SPELLBINDER. Chicago born Walter King Jr., a.k.a. The Spellbinder, dazzles audiences from the Atlantic to the Pacific with his mesmerizing magic shows. The spell binder Has a bag of tricks that includes 300 effects  and 25


 major magical fees that he into mingles with dance, theater and lively R&B music. His most popular illusion, suspending a woman in mid air. Other effects include transforming a woman into and ferocious leopard. Engaging in a tug-of-war with the floating cane, and making a woman’s head vanished from her body. His illusionary spectacle has toured throughout the nation enchanting crowds at conventions, colleges, nightclubs, state fairs and churches. The duo has open for Roy Ayres, Thelma Houston, The SOS band and Della Reese. That’s good for starters, but can there’s spell cross cultural boundaries. “Magic is like music” says Spellbinder, “It can be understood anywhere in the world.”  –KAREN HALIBURTON            Show Info