THERE’S more to entertainment then meets the eye.” It’s not easy at all for magicians to break into the professional performing arena,” said Brad Landcaster a magician who has carried his act across the nation for the last 10 years. According to him” the toughest job for a magician is to constantly create new angles on old tricks to captivate the audience.” After reviewing the magic of “The Spellbinder” one will readily notice magician Walter King Jr. is full of surprises. COMBINING HIS ability to act, dance and perform magic, The Spellbinder brings skills many upcoming performers laugh. Creating allusions, like Keenes transformation of a woman into alive leopard, Will leave any patron spell bound. And rapture ring his audience with mixture of music, Acting, comedy, dance, and according to King, plain old fun, the talented magi-is Able to attract a diversified group.”The act is not stereotyped or locked into demographics.”


(above) THE SPELLBINDER salutes a

capacity crowd on the Harley-Davidson stage

on the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

TRAVELING ACROSS the nation to perform is all a part of the act. King has taken the show on the road to cities in the Midwest East and west coast. Upcoming engagement includes Upcoming engagements include trips to Jamaica and New Orleans. Native Chicagoan, Walter King Jr. has been an actor several popular movies. As the costar and the motion picture ‘One In A Million,’ King played the character of Antoine. The movie was based on a true story about the life and times of baseball star Ron Leflore, as ‘Teddy’ in the film “My Phamily Bar-B-Q”, and as the character ‘Officer Lowe’ in the comedy film “Get A Job”. King, who also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art, is a graduate of David G Farragut High School and Columbia College.

When asked what the future holds for the performer, King said, ”lots of performing, more spectacular feats, and you guessed it, MAGIC!

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