“Amazing Science of Magic & Illusion” will impact audiences by bringing a fresh and fun perspective on sciences like chemistry and physics, by presenting how they can be used to create special effects for the art of theatrical magic and illusion. “Science Magic” opens doors to those possibilities. Possibilities of something exciting, extraordinary and surprising.In “Amazing Science of Magic and Illusion,” students learn about force and matter through amazing, magical demonstrations of physics (the science of matter and energy), and chemistry (the science of liquids, gases and solid matter).

Master Illusionist Walter King Jr. “The Spellbinder”, explains basic concepts of the art of levitation by demonstration of how oxygen, nitrogen and helium work, and the art of transforming liquids into solids matter with concepts found in chemistry. Being a self-taught artist in his field, King explains how the basic skills he learned in school from science as well as reading and math, helped him to build the show he tours around the world.

For grades K – 8th                                                         BOOKING INFO

Technical requirements:

  • PA system with 1 microphone
  • Extension cord​
  • Small table or 2 classroom desks
  • Access to electricity