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Walter King Jr. the Spellbinder is Chicago's premiere black magician and corporate illusionist. African-American Illusionist of the Year is the title Xavier Entertainment labeled this amazing award winning stage performer. This "Black Magician" also performs the most astonishing close up cocktail walk artound magic available. Your guests will be left speechless as Walter King Jr. the Spellbinder performs his award winning floating table and even levitates a member of the audience!

The Spellbinder has been a staple of the African American magic scene in Chicago, but has expanded his clients to include corporations such as soft sheen, segrams, and other top companies world-wide! Not in Chicago? The Spellbinder has now blended music, dance, and style with amazing illusions and magic. This has ensured that Walter King Jr. is not only Chicago's finest black magician, but a world class illusionist more devistating then any before. Experience the African American sensation that has swept Chicago and is now performing colleges, corporations, schools, and churches world wide. Experience the magic and grand illusions of Walter King jr. the Spellbinder...

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